Review Nestree

What is NESTREE?
Nestree is a blockchain based modernize Messenger that for social activities and rewarding of its users. Nestree blockchain is a dAPP platform that was incorporated with reward, social chatting, otc trading exchange, cryptocurrency wallet etc. This platform was initiated to optimize and maximize the utility and effectiveness of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Am happy to let you all know about this project because it is not just a paper project like others, but a finished project with a working product.
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet
The Nestree Messenger was incorporated with a multi-cryptocurrencies wallet. This means multi kind of blockchain coins and token can be stored. The users will be able to store their BTC, ETh, Ethereum based token, EOS, etc. Inside the Nestree wallet, you can store, send and receive token from other users or from other network.
  • Over the Counter (OTC) Trade
There is a feature in Nestree platform for the users to trade their cryptocurrency within themselves without going to exchange. A peer to peer trading with the Nestree being the escrow that supervise the process. It will start by the seller chose the assets he/she want to trade, valid time and request to trade and the trading will be executed immediately.
  • Send/Transfer
Users of the Nestree platform can send any kind of cryptocurrencies to his fellow friends and family. So if you want to send a token to other users, you choose the person, set the amount of cryptocurrency you want to send, enter your password and the sending process will be executed immediately.
The platform opens opportunity for everybody to get rewarded by contributing in one of the other to the platform. It has different categories of earning reward in Nestree, which are:
  • By inviting friends to the platform
The Nestree platform the users of the platform by inviting others to the platform. The platform will reward people that invite others to the platform with their native token.
  • Advertising
Here, there is a place on the Nestree Messenger for you to launch your product or services. So the users of this platform that watch those Ads will be rewarded.
You can download the Nestree Messenger dAPP through any of these links:
The platform has introduced their native token for the platform with a sticker ‘EGG’, it is a utility token can will be consumed and will be used to acquire the services of Nestree platform. The EGG token was built on ethereum blockchain and it is an Erc-20 token standard. The EGG has so many uses; it can be used to enjoy the services of this platform and it will be tradable as well. The EGG token can be used by anyone to enter the paid channel of Nestree platform or used it to buy product from Nestree platform. Lastly, for those that want to post an ad on the platform can used the EGG for payment.
The disadvantages of centralized social media like facebook, telegram, discord and so on cannot be underestimated; you can wake up and see that your account has been blocked. They restricts users and gives them conditions on what to post. All these issues make the Nestree team think outside the box and build a decentralized messenger that is not controlled by any organization or body. Users will be able to chat the way they like and enjoys themselves. To make things simpler, they built a messenger that have OTC Trade, crypto wallet and so many others.
For more information about Nestree, kindly visit any of the links below:
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